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New succulent garden, vintage cameras, and a baby and his dog.


August 15th marked a full year since we adopted our sweet dog, Rosie. I have to say, it has truly been the best year. Rosie is a wonderful friend and a great dog, and we can’t imagine our little family without her. We don’t know her exact birth date (though we know she was born in the summer and is 2 years old) so celebrating the anniversary of her adoption made the most sense to us.

To celebrate, I bought Rosie a new bone to chew (she was ecstatic) and sewed her up a new dog bed. Her former bed, lovingly nicknamed “Rosie’s Hobo Bed,” consisted of a fleece blanket she had shredded and a large knitted scarf I gave her to make the blanket seems less sad. I tried to throw the blanket out once and give her a nice new one, but she found it by the garbage and dragged it back to her spot. As much as she loved her little hobo bed, it was time for an upgrade. I found a fun fabric that I’m absolutely in love with (100% washable cotton, too which is great) and made her a big pillow to sleep on. I left the scarf with it so she wouldn’t miss her old bed too much.

I also made Rosie a sweet little necklace of crepe paper flowers, but it didn’t last long. I got 3 or 4 pictures and then the pink flower was very politely torn off. It was cute while it lasted!

I’m so excited to start another year (and hopefully many, many more!) with our girl Rosie.

The whole country is experiencing a pretty rough heat wave this week, and today is the peak day for temperatures here in Buffalo – it’s going to be almost 100! While I have the luxury of working the hottest 7 hours of the day in the air-conditioned Book Arts Center, my poor Rosie is back at the house feeling the heat. I wanted to make sure she was well-hydrated and as comfortable as possible today, so I took a couple measures to help her stay cool. Before heading to bed last night, I filled 3 bowls full of water and put them in the freezer. This morning before I left, I took them out and placed them in shady spots in the kitchen and living room so she will have cool water for most of the day as they melt. I also gave her a few ice cubes this morning, and wiped her fur down with a washcloth soaked in cool water to help her cool off. Last but not least, I made dog popsicles!

I found this recipe in the most recent issue of ReadyMade, and Rosie absolutely loves them.

Frozen Doggy Treats

2 c. low-fat organic vanilla yogurt
1 ripe banana
3 T. flax meal/groud flax seed

Put all the ingredients in your food processor or blender and blend until smooth. Pour into ice cube trays or small paper cups and freeze overnight. Your pooch will love them!

Keep cool, everybody (and every doggy!)

I’ve got a story today about Rosie that makes me really happy to be her dog-friend (if that’s a thing).

It started at the craft store, where I was picking up embroidery thread and papers for a couple projects I’m working on for my friend’s brand new baby girl. In the value section on the way to the register, I spotted one of those wooden paddle toys with the rubber ball attached and couldn’t resist the fun little distraction. I know it’s silly, but it totally seemed worth my dollar at the time. It was also USA themed, which generally makes things more awesome. I played with it the first night I got it, and it almost instantly broke. Eh, oh well. I moved on pretty quickly, as you might imagine.

The next night rolls around, and Stuart takes Rosie outside for an evening “bathroom” break. What does he come back with? A better paddle toy! The best part – Rosie found it. She was sniffing around in someone’s recycling and pulled this out. She brought it to Stuart and he brought it upstairs to me. It was like a sweet little present from Rosie! Maybe it sounds crazy-dog-lady-crazy to you, but I genuinely think she recognized it as similar to the one I had the night before and wanted me to have it.

What a friend!

I had the most lovely Valentine’s Day.

My valentine had to work all day, but it gave me the chance to get into the spirit. I hung a paper heart garland, made a valentine for Rosie, and prepared a special dinner and dessert. I made gluten-free devil’s food cupcakes with pink vanilla icing and shredded coconut, and for Rosie a batch of yummy (to her) all-natural peanut butter dog treats.

I also received the best Valentine’s Day present ever – my first typeface! 12 & 18 pt Original Old Caslon, can’t wait to print with it.

Here’s a peek at our little Valentine’s Day:

It’s the middle of February, and all I can think about is summer.

The first few days of February have been filled with slow mornings, snow days, hot chai lattes, listening to records under soft wool blankets, and earnest efforts to consume as much vitamin C as possible to avoid falling victim to cold/flu season.

I’m ready for you, spring.

Rosie likes knitting too.

Sad the sunny days of last week are over. Maybe more to come?