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The wedding weekend took place at a beautiful bed & breakfast-style inn called the Fontainebleau. The 1814 inn is just lovely. I only wish I hadn’t been having so much fun so I could’ve taken a few more snapshots! Well, that’s not true.

The innkeepers were very gracious, and the rooms are beautifully appointed. Breakfast was wonderful both mornings (I found myself wishing for a big plate of fresh fruit and freshly baked honey bread on Monday morning). It was quiet, beautiful, and full of subtle historical character. It made the perfect setting for Jon and Julia’s big day.

The kitchen / antique rug beaters on an old brick wall / the library / white and silver mantle / Henry asleep in the comfy inn bed

(part 3 is on its way!)








This past weekend we celebrated the wedding of Julia & Jon. It was a weekend filled with love, joy, excitement, and community, and I’m still smiling from it all. I decided to post about the weekend in parts because one post just isn’t enough. The first part includes photos from my stay at Julia’s parents’ home where I stayed Thursday night to help them prepare for the wedding.

Julia grew up just down the road from me in our hometown, and I’ve always loved their home. I always feel so welcomed and at ease there with her family. It was so nice to be there to help out with wedding preparation, catch up with everyone, and enjoy the family dinner and foggy morning light.

Part 2 coming soon!






Cafe, home.





A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of making a short trip to Stuart’s hometown for his great grandmother’s 84th birthday. It was a lovely little trip and it’s always nice to reconnect with family. We stayed in Stuart’s parents’ guest room, and I just fell in love with the handmade quilt on our bed. It was made by another one of Stuart’s relatives who has since passed away. The way the light came in the window and the beautiful pattern of the quilt were just so striking and beautiful to me I had to take a few photos.




Sequins spilled on the backseat of the car, fresh bread at the Italian bakery in Troy, my loves (I’m a lucky lady!)




This morning we took a short drive into Troy for some amazing Italian baked treats and a little thrifting. I picked up lots of pretty white ceramic dishes, a beautiful stoneware tray, a thermal pitcher, a bread pan, a globe, and a few other odds & ends for exactly $20. Plus Stu found a gorgeous turquoise blue vintage Schwinn that’s just the right height. A good Sunday morning if you ask me!

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Beautiful banner design on a re-discovered Willie Nelson record (packing has its perks), refilling spice jars, Henry’s new favorite thing – leaning on the back of the sofa to look out the window.

Sweet baby naps, long car rides through upstate New York, a bath in Grandma and Grandpa’s sink, and a silly new hat.

New succulent garden, vintage cameras, and a baby and his dog.