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I loved making these invitations. They were such a fun, challenging, and worthwhile project. I think they came out beautifully!

The invitations, reply cards, info cards, rehearsal dinner invites, and both envelopes were custom designed and lovingly hand-printed on my C + P tabletop press. They are printed in four colors on Crane’s Lettra paper in ecru, with watercolor detail on the main invitation. The program was digitally printed on kraft colored cardstock. Floral illustrations were custom drawn by Erin Lalley Bauer.

The envelopes were finished with calligraphy and vintage stamps, but I forgot to get a snapshot of those. Next time!

If you are interested in ordering some custom letterpress goodness from Erin & I, get in touch! Invitations, business cards, personal stationery, whatever you need- I promise we’re very reasonable! Email us at olivewoodstudios(at)gmail(dot)com









Finally, the wedding. What a beautiful day!

Julia and Jon put together a lovely ceremony that I had the honor to read in. The whole thing was heartfelt, personal, and truly joyful. The crowd read the vows aloud providing a great spirit of community, and it really felt like their wedding. The homemade chuppah was beautiful, and the perfect blue sky and serene Cayuta Lake backdrop were really more than you could ask for.

I didn’t get too many pictures of the ceremony (there was a wonderful photographer taking care of that), and once the reception started I was too busy having a blast to worry about them. It was such a wonderful, spirited, and just beautiful celebration.

For more (and much better) photos, the aforementioned wonderful photographer, Ashley, has put a sneak peek of the wedding on her blog:

Because they are the nearest and dearest part to my heart (besides the bride & groom of course), I’ve saved the whole last post about the wedding for the invitations and paper goodies. I think you’ll like them.

I took a 2-day hiatus from packing this week in order to catch up on some printing. On the job list: stationery for Khristeena, business cards for LuAnn, and a complete invitation suite for my dear friend including 2 invitations, a reply card, and a dual-sided info card. Looking forward to printing some more business cards next week before I pack up the press.

Day one, freshly-cut paper and organization:

Day 2, progress, sunshine, and a productive mess:

I haven’t written Henry’s birth story yet (see the last post, life just keeps happening!) but one thing I reflect on all the time is how thankful I am to have had the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and loving support during my labor and delivery of Henry. I chose a home birth, and with that I chose to labor for as long as it took (in my case, about 25 hours) without any interventions or medications. My midwife and doula were absolutely essential to allowing me to have the labor and birth that I wanted, and I am grateful every day for my relatively uncomplicated, non-traumatic birth experience. To thank them, I wanted to make them each something personal and useful. I chose to use the same paper, colors, and typeface for both of their pieces because, well, it just seemed right.

For my midwife Khristeena, I made a set of letterpress stationery with her name impressed in a pretty lavender ink.

For my doula LuAnn, a set of business cards printed on front and back in lavender and charcoal grey.

I hope they each love them!

(Photo styling with florals today was inspired by Erin at Olivewood)

Getting started on this year’s valentines…

A series of 4 cards I made with hand-lettering and ribbon trim. I’m planning to work on the lettering a bit more and then have photo polymer plates made for letterpress. I think I’ll combine the printed greetings with pretty fabric trim and maybe some ribbon designs cut out of linoleum. I’ve also made some coordinating lined kraft envelopes, one of my favorite finishing touches for any stationery.

I designed these cards first as a Christmas gift for a dear friend using her initials, and she liked them so much she commissioned a matching set for her Grandmother. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to make these for them, and I love knowing they will be used for their correspondence.

Handmade letterpress stationery, printed using vintage blocks and type from WNYBAC’s collection.

(Note: The first photo makes it look as though the cards are cream colored, but it’s just the warm afternoon sun shining in. The cards were printed on pearl white Crane Lettra stock with a custom mixed ink.)

I had the most lovely Valentine’s Day.

My valentine had to work all day, but it gave me the chance to get into the spirit. I hung a paper heart garland, made a valentine for Rosie, and prepared a special dinner and dessert. I made gluten-free devil’s food cupcakes with pink vanilla icing and shredded coconut, and for Rosie a batch of yummy (to her) all-natural peanut butter dog treats.

I also received the best Valentine’s Day present ever – my first typeface! 12 & 18 pt Original Old Caslon, can’t wait to print with it.

Here’s a peek at our little Valentine’s Day:

Erin and I have officially begun collaborating as Olivewood Studios, and this weekend I found the most beautiful fabrics for our table at the upcoming Buffalo Small Press Book Fair.

I also got to work printing two sets of letterpress stationery cards, both of which were made using blocks sourced from WNYBAC‘s print shop collection.

I’m so excited to finally be getting to work, and I’ll be updating our progress as the Book Fair approaches!

Letterpress note cards, printed as a gift for a dear friend using vintage blocks and type.