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I loved making these invitations. They were such a fun, challenging, and worthwhile project. I think they came out beautifully!

The invitations, reply cards, info cards, rehearsal dinner invites, and both envelopes were custom designed and lovingly hand-printed on my C + P tabletop press. They are printed in four colors on Crane’s Lettra paper in ecru, with watercolor detail on the main invitation. The program was digitally printed on kraft colored cardstock. Floral illustrations were custom drawn by Erin Lalley Bauer.

The envelopes were finished with calligraphy and vintage stamps, but I forgot to get a snapshot of those. Next time!

If you are interested in ordering some custom letterpress goodness from Erin & I, get in touch! Invitations, business cards, personal stationery, whatever you need- I promise we’re very reasonable! Email us at olivewoodstudios(at)gmail(dot)com









Finally, the wedding. What a beautiful day!

Julia and Jon put together a lovely ceremony that I had the honor to read in. The whole thing was heartfelt, personal, and truly joyful. The crowd read the vows aloud providing a great spirit of community, and it really felt like their wedding. The homemade chuppah was beautiful, and the perfect blue sky and serene Cayuta Lake backdrop were really more than you could ask for.

I didn’t get too many pictures of the ceremony (there was a wonderful photographer taking care of that), and once the reception started I was too busy having a blast to worry about them. It was such a wonderful, spirited, and just beautiful celebration.

For more (and much better) photos, the aforementioned wonderful photographer, Ashley, has put a sneak peek of the wedding on her blog:

Because they are the nearest and dearest part to my heart (besides the bride & groom of course), I’ve saved the whole last post about the wedding for the invitations and paper goodies. I think you’ll like them.






The wedding weekend took place at a beautiful bed & breakfast-style inn called the Fontainebleau. The 1814 inn is just lovely. I only wish I hadn’t been having so much fun so I could’ve taken a few more snapshots! Well, that’s not true.

The innkeepers were very gracious, and the rooms are beautifully appointed. Breakfast was wonderful both mornings (I found myself wishing for a big plate of fresh fruit and freshly baked honey bread on Monday morning). It was quiet, beautiful, and full of subtle historical character. It made the perfect setting for Jon and Julia’s big day.

The kitchen / antique rug beaters on an old brick wall / the library / white and silver mantle / Henry asleep in the comfy inn bed

(part 3 is on its way!)







This past weekend we celebrated the wedding of Julia & Jon. It was a weekend filled with love, joy, excitement, and community, and I’m still smiling from it all. I decided to post about the weekend in parts because one post just isn’t enough. The first part includes photos from my stay at Julia’s parents’ home where I stayed Thursday night to help them prepare for the wedding.

Julia grew up just down the road from me in our hometown, and I’ve always loved their home. I always feel so welcomed and at ease there with her family. It was so nice to be there to help out with wedding preparation, catch up with everyone, and enjoy the family dinner and foggy morning light.

Part 2 coming soon!








Every year in June, Caito throws a party at her parent’s tiny lakehouse in Friendsville, PA. It started with just us and a couple of other friends almost 15 years ago in junior high, and now there’s usually a dozen people or more that get together every year. For the past 5 years or so each party has had a theme- a different year in history. It started with 1996 and this year we took it back to ’66. Everyone dresses up and Cait spends months putting together several hours of historically accurate, awesome music. We barbecue, swim, boat, catch up, have a few beers, and enjoy the sunshine. Everyone crashes there, and in the morning we all go to the Skylark Diner in town for breakfast.

The house, always called the cottage, probably hasn’t changed since they initially decorated in the ’70s. It is perfectly cluttered and old and sweet, and I love visiting every year. There were no changes made or special decorations put up (besides a few paper lanterns in the trees), this is just the cottage as it always has been. I hope it never changes.

A few weeks ago I joined lots of lovely ladies in Vestal to celebrate my dear friend Julia’s bridal shower. It was a wonderful day, full of laughter, friendship, family, and wedding chitchat. Before the shower, Julia’s sister Laura sent an invitation to everyone with a note requesting that they bring a special recipe as part of a community shower gift. In keeping with the theme, the sweet favor bags Laura assembled contained a special recipe from her to all of us. The recipe was for a lemon icebox pie, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I’m not a big pie-maker or pie-eater, but I love a good cold pie. I made it as soon as I got home, and it was positively delicious. Only one problem: it never actually became pie. I think it may have been my embarrassing inability to patiently whip cream to the proper consistency, but it just never set. Even in a cup, it was one of the best pies I’ve ever had. Turns out, I’ve got a bit of a thing for lemon. It was especially good for breakfast with a a hot cup of coffee and a baby on my lap. I’m going to give it another try soon and post it here soon after so you can all experience the lemony goodness of Laura’s lemon icebox pie!

Hello, old friends! It has been so long since I’ve posted. The past month has been so exciting and exhausting and joyful, and I wish I’d taken more time to share it. I will try to catch up this week, and I’ll be making a point to post more often now that things seemed to have settled down a bit.

So what’s been going on? Well, Stuart and I made things official and got engaged, I sewed a bunch of books for artist Richard Tuttle, enjoyed the last few weeks of summer, started decorating the nursery, began my last month of work, and last weekend we were joined by our best friends and family for a very special baby shower. I’ll catch you up on the other stuff later this week, but first – the baby shower!

Julia, my gracious shower host, had been planning diligently for months, and on Friday she arrived with her sister Laura for the big weekend. They had planned the food, the activities, made delicious apple cupcakes, and taken care of pretty much everything in between. I was so grateful to have them here, and I’m thrilled with how everything turned out.

We had initially planned an all-female shower, but this (happily) wasn’t how things turned out! My dad, along with Stuart’s stepdad, youngest brother, grandpa, and a couple of male friends (and of course, Stuart) all joined us for the day and it was great to have them there.

Julia served fresh fruit, apple cider (brought in all the way from Oswego by Caito), homemade iced tea, and two savory appetizers – baguette baked with goat cheese, walnuts, dates, and pears, and a puff pastry stuffed with caramelized onions, pears, and bleu cheese. They were amazing! We had Laura’s apple cupcakes for dessert, along with a fun cake made by Stuart’s aunt. It was all so lovely.

After snacks, we opened gifts, friends decorated some little white onesies with fabric markers and paint, and then the “secret” activity started. Julia had asked all the women we invited to write a note of advice or well wishes for me as I prepare for birth and motherhood, and for each guest to enclose a bead with their card, gift, or note. The sentiments were so sweet and heartfelt, and I teared up more than once. To receive advice and sweet words from 3 different generations of women and some of my best friends on earth was so special to me. I will keep the necklace of beads with me during labor and through those tough moments of early motherhood to remind me of all their support and love. Julia got me a beautiful scrapbook to keep all the notes in, and I plan to print some photos and add some other things to make sort of a pregnancy scrapbook before the baby arrives. I made some last minute favors, loose chai green tea with nutmeg packaged in homemade tea bags with kraft paper tags. They were adorable, though in hindsight I would’ve made them days in advance instead of the hour before the party! Still, I was glad to be able to give something to all our generous guests.

It was such a special day. I’m most thankful for all the ways people pitched in to help make everything come together. Julia and Laura’s flawless planning, cooking, and hosting, Erin’s beautiful invitations, Stuart’s mom’s help getting the house cleaned up the day before, my dad and stepmom for driving 3 and a half hours with a lovely new crib for baby (and my dad and Stuart’s stepdad spending the afternoon setting it up!), Caito’s drive in from Oswego just to spend a few hours celebrating with us (and giving Stuart his favorite gift- a Charles Bukowski onesie!), and everyone else, local and far, who came to celebrate with us on Saturday afternoon. THANK YOU!

And now, the photos!

I designed these cards first as a Christmas gift for a dear friend using her initials, and she liked them so much she commissioned a matching set for her Grandmother. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to make these for them, and I love knowing they will be used for their correspondence.

Handmade letterpress stationery, printed using vintage blocks and type from WNYBAC’s collection.

(Note: The first photo makes it look as though the cards are cream colored, but it’s just the warm afternoon sun shining in. The cards were printed on pearl white Crane Lettra stock with a custom mixed ink.)

My gift to the bride, a set of hand printed letterpress stationery cards with her new married name. I’m so happy with how they turned out – classic, natural, and simply beautiful, just like the bride herself.

E&B were married on Saturday at the Botanical Gardens in Buffalo. It was positively gorgeous. And what a beautiful bride! I’m so happy I could be a part of their day.

To Erin & Ben I wish all love, all happiness, all the best.