Finally, the wedding. What a beautiful day!

Julia and Jon put together a lovely ceremony that I had the honor to read in. The whole thing was heartfelt, personal, and truly joyful. The crowd read the vows aloud providing a great spirit of community, and it really felt like their wedding. The homemade chuppah was beautiful, and the perfect blue sky and serene Cayuta Lake backdrop were really more than you could ask for.

I didn’t get too many pictures of the ceremony (there was a wonderful photographer taking care of that), and once the reception started I was too busy having a blast to worry about them. It was such a wonderful, spirited, and just beautiful celebration.

For more (and much better) photos, the aforementioned wonderful photographer, Ashley, has put a sneak peek of the wedding on her blog:

Because they are the nearest and dearest part to my heart (besides the bride & groom of course), I’ve saved the whole last post about the wedding for the invitations and paper goodies. I think you’ll like them.