Every year in June, Caito throws a party at her parent’s tiny lakehouse in Friendsville, PA. It started with just us and a couple of other friends almost 15 years ago in junior high, and now there’s usually a dozen people or more that get together every year. For the past 5 years or so each party has had a theme- a different year in history. It started with 1996 and this year we took it back to ’66. Everyone dresses up and Cait spends months putting together several hours of historically accurate, awesome music. We barbecue, swim, boat, catch up, have a few beers, and enjoy the sunshine. Everyone crashes there, and in the morning we all go to the Skylark Diner in town for breakfast.

The house, always called the cottage, probably hasn’t changed since they initially decorated in the ’70s. It is perfectly cluttered and old and sweet, and I love visiting every year. There were no changes made or special decorations put up (besides a few paper lanterns in the trees), this is just the cottage as it always has been. I hope it never changes.