Hello, dear readers.

I am going to simplify my blog. For a short while now, something has felt off here. I have tried different kinds of posts, longer stories, attempted repeated features, and I’ve tried adding varied content like recipes, book posts, and DIYs hoping to draw new readers and find what fits best for me. For some reason it just doesn’t feel right. I once read a quote that said something like: if something’s missing, try subtracting. The answer isn’t always to add more.

Instead of trying to add more to my blog, I’m going to try subtracting. I’m going to simplify. I’m going to go back to the reason I started this blog: to capture and chronicle the little things. To document days when nothing too special happened. To create a breathing record of our lives. Less stories, less features, less pressure.

That’s not to say I may not post a recipe here and there or a special story when it happens, but it’s time to take it back and go forward.

To those of you who have been faithful readers, thank you for your patience and attention. While I love to post in this blog mainly for my own sake of looking back and remembering days and moments that have passed, it means a lot to know you’re following along with our story.

Here’s to going forward, simply.