Five months. What a joyful age this is. Henry is so full of love and energy and baby-sized adventure. And those facial expressions – oh my!

So many changes seem to have happened this month. While just two weeks ago he would have flopped right over, now he can sit up straight with no assistance. Not for too long, of course, but it’s a big development. His finer motor skills are also developing quickly, and he’s become very precise with his grabbing. His favorite thing to grab is my face. He loves to give me big, sloppy kisses or pull my chin into his mouth. It’s slimy and drooly and totally sweet. It seems like he really understands silliness these days. One of his favorite things to laugh at is a little game called Stinky Feet. When we get him dressed or undressed, we sniff his little feet and then crumple our faces and let out an exaggerated “peee-ewww!” to which Henry cracks up with big baby giggles. He also loves to laugh at Rosie when she plays, and gets a real kick out of mama’s hiccups.

This little guy is growing right before our eyes. I’m trying to enjoy all the new things he can do, while also cherishing the things he can’t do because I know these sweet baby days will be gone before I know it and he’ll be walking and talking sooner than I’d like to admit.

Next month we start our next big adventure – solid food!