This post is about two whole weeks late.

Life has been…busy. Busy and changing and quiet and settled all at the same time. The library is demanding, but it’s also peaceful and friendly and thoroughly enjoyable work. Henry is joyful and sweet and playful, and less predictable than ever. I suppose no one ever said babies were too predictable. Over the past few weeks, Henry has started to do a whole lot of things. He grabs onto objects (not to exclude your mug of hot coffee, the dog’s ears, or every single library book I try to scan with him on my lap) with increasing precision, and he is starting to love his toys. About a week ago, he began, with feverish intensity, to try to blow bubbles. I had read that blowing bubbles is a little baby milestone at 4 or so months old, I thought it just kind of happened. I had no idea he would work so hard. This kid will spend every minute he’s awake with his lips pursed making funny little sounds trying as hard as he can to blow bubbles. He has succeeded a few times, and it’s completely adorable. More so because I know he’s been working so hard at it!

This month also brought a fun heat wave our way. For about a week in March, it hovered around an unseasonable 80 degrees here in upstate New York. It was a brief glimpse into the fun we’re going to have this summer – chubby baby legs, sun hats, and walks through the woods around the lake. I think all four of us (Rosie included) are pretty excited about that.