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Bonding with Rosie, rocking a sweet temporary tattoo, lounging in the library.


but not much more.

So says this print from The Black Apple that hangs in Henry’s nursery.

We’ve been in Schaghticoke for nearly a month now. We’ve explored all over our area – drives to specific places like Albany and Troy (our nearest cities) and drives to not-so-specific places which always end up being more fun. Passing farms and tiny old towns, covered bridges, wooded areas, foothills, creeks, and waterfalls. We’ve walked up and down our village and around Electric Lake behind our house. It’s starting to feel like home here. Home, or a really long vacation in rural upstate New York.

In keeping with the spirit of exploration, Last Thursday we took a trip to Bennington, Vermont (I’m in love) for pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup. While we were there we stopped at the Bennington Bookshop, which began our 2-day bookstore adventure.

On day 2, we ventured to find a used book store in Hoosick Falls that I had heard about back in Buffalo. Turns out, it wasn’t a store at all. It was an enormous barn filled to the brim with old, rare, and used books. There was a cast iron woodstove in the middle to heat the barn, and it smelled wonderful. An old man of at least 80 owns the barn (called Dogears Book Barn) with his wife, and we were greeted by him, his big scruffy dog, and the sound of 1940’s music on the radio. It was kind of magical. We left with three used children’s books, lots of poetry, and a kids’ geography book from the 1870’s that I fell in love with (and picked up for $5).

After the Book Barn, we stopped in Cambridge, NY. It was a sweet little town more like Vermont than the often post-industrial upstate New York. We stopped into Battenkill Books, one of the better independent bookstores I’ve been to. We met one of the proprietors, who also happened to have a son named Henry. We got Henry a few board books and a pamphlet on building chicken coops. We’ll certainly be going back.

You would think since I spend my days working in a library (not to mention we live right upstairs), I wouldn’t care so much about bookstores. Not the case. I love bookstores, used and new, and I can’t wait to visit the next one.

Working as a librarian has its perks – I’ve been reading like crazy again.
Here are the books I read this week: