Our boy turned three months old this past week. I can’t believe how quickly these three months have passed by. Henry is growing like a weed. At three months old, he’s starting to fill out his 6 month-sized clothes. He’s so tall! I wouldn’t have expected anything less with an almost-6′ mama and an over-6′ papa, but it’s still funny to see his chubbly little legs stick out of the bottom of his pajamas because they’re just too long.

This past month Henry began to grasp hands, feet, and toys (and hair), and smiles and giggles more than ever. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for all of us with the packing, moving, and adjusting to a new home (not to mention the sniffles and a little cold he’s just now getting over), but he took it all in stride and maintained his sweet, loving, calm demeanor. I just can’t get enough of this boy.

And those eyelashes! Oh my.