I haven’t written Henry’s birth story yet (see the last post, life just keeps happening!) but one thing I reflect on all the time is how thankful I am to have had the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and loving support during my labor and delivery of Henry. I chose a home birth, and with that I chose to labor for as long as it took (in my case, about 25 hours) without any interventions or medications. My midwife and doula were absolutely essential to allowing me to have the labor and birth that I wanted, and I am grateful every day for my relatively uncomplicated, non-traumatic birth experience. To thank them, I wanted to make them each something personal and useful. I chose to use the same paper, colors, and typeface for both of their pieces because, well, it just seemed right.

For my midwife Khristeena, I made a set of letterpress stationery with her name impressed in a pretty lavender ink.

For my doula LuAnn, a set of business cards printed on front and back in lavender and charcoal grey.

I hope they each love them!

(Photo styling with florals today was inspired by Erin at Olivewood)