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A bassinet passed down by Stuart’s grandmother, a wooden ampersand teething ring gifted by Julia, and a sweet giraffe blanket passed down from a friend of a friend.


Happy holidays!

Below are some of the photos we took this year to send out with our Christmas cards. Or, post-Christmas cards. I had good intentions, but with a newborn I’m learning that sometimes these things don’t happen as quickly as you think they can. It’s the thought that counts, right? This year I made them using white and ivory Stonehenge paper and cut-out paper stars, and I letterpressed the text in my “house” font (a classic and the only typeface I have a full set of), 18 pt Caslon. I included a photo or two of Henry with each one, and tied them together with some bright red thread. Next year I promise to be more timely!

Here’s wishing everyone a joyful and merry holiday week, and a productive and healthy new year.

Thursday marked one month since Henry’s birth. What a month! It has been both crazy exciting and surprisingly calm. Henry is a sweet, alert baby and we couldn’t be more thankful for his serene demeanor. He is a serious and curious little guy, and he seems to have a gentle old soul. He sleeps well and eats well, and I’m grateful for both of those things. I love him more than I could have imagined before he was born, and I’m so looking forward to next month and all those thereafter, watching my boy learn and grow.

I’ll sure miss those little legs as they grow bigger.

Henry has been with us for three weeks now. Every day is sweeter with him around. This week we took photos to send out with our holiday cards, listened to records and danced in the living room, and decorated our tiny Christmas tree. Tomorrow I’ll be baking lots of cupcakes for the Last Minute Panic Holiday Marketplace, and a couple of Henry’s uncles will be visiting this weekend.

It’s bittersweet to feel these newborn days passing so quickly. Every day he seems to grow more and more. I can’t wait to watch him laugh, explore, grow tall; but I will miss these early days and all the quiet hours just spent nursing and napping with my boy.

This video (accompanied by one of my favorite songs of the past few months) makes me so excited for Henry to be a kid.

Here’s to your future adventures, baby boy.