Baby has decided not to greet us just yet, so I’ve had a chance to get lots more sewing projects done these past couple of days.

First, I made a hanging hamper that can be used for baby’s little clothes, or for now we’re going to use it as a holder for baby wipes and diapers above the changing table.

The pattern for the hamper came from the Baby On the Way e-course by Rachel on A Beautiful Mess. The e-course is a lot of fun, and has a bunch of super useful patterns for making baby things. I’ve found that baby things tend to be either highly mass-produced (and kind of eh) or way more high-end than I can afford (or could justify if I could). So, I’ve taken to making or upgrading my own things. In addition to the e-course, I also invested in Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby, which includes patterns and instructions for lots of great baby projects. I’m especially excited to make a crib bumper and lots of little bloomers.

For now, I’m still working on my sewing skills so I’ve been sticking to simpler projects. Besides the hamper, I made a bunch of cute burp cloths using small remnants of cotton fabrics I had from past projects, and a few throw pillows to coordinate with our new (vintage) sofa.

If this baby decides to stay in my belly much longer, I’ll need to make an emergency trip to the fabric store. Not that that would be so bad…