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August 15th marked a full year since we adopted our sweet dog, Rosie. I have to say, it has truly been the best year. Rosie is a wonderful friend and a great dog, and we can’t imagine our little family without her. We don’t know her exact birth date (though we know she was born in the summer and is 2 years old) so celebrating the anniversary of her adoption made the most sense to us.

To celebrate, I bought Rosie a new bone to chew (she was ecstatic) and sewed her up a new dog bed. Her former bed, lovingly nicknamed “Rosie’s Hobo Bed,” consisted of a fleece blanket she had shredded and a large knitted scarf I gave her to make the blanket seems less sad. I tried to throw the blanket out once and give her a nice new one, but she found it by the garbage and dragged it back to her spot. As much as she loved her little hobo bed, it was time for an upgrade. I found a fun fabric that I’m absolutely in love with (100% washable cotton, too which is great) and made her a big pillow to sleep on. I left the scarf with it so she wouldn’t miss her old bed too much.

I also made Rosie a sweet little necklace of crepe paper flowers, but it didn’t last long. I got 3 or 4 pictures and then the pink flower was very politely torn off. It was cute while it lasted!

I’m so excited to start another year (and hopefully many, many more!) with our girl Rosie.