I’ve got a story today about Rosie that makes me really happy to be her dog-friend (if that’s a thing).

It started at the craft store, where I was picking up embroidery thread and papers for a couple projects I’m working on for my friend’s brand new baby girl. In the value section on the way to the register, I spotted one of those wooden paddle toys with the rubber ball attached and couldn’t resist the fun little distraction. I know it’s silly, but it totally seemed worth my dollar at the time. It was also USA themed, which generally makes things more awesome. I played with it the first night I got it, and it almost instantly broke. Eh, oh well. I moved on pretty quickly, as you might imagine.

The next night rolls around, and Stuart takes Rosie outside for an evening “bathroom” break. What does he come back with? A better paddle toy! The best part – Rosie found it. She was sniffing around in someone’s recycling and pulled this out. She brought it to Stuart and he brought it upstairs to me. It was like a sweet little present from Rosie! Maybe it sounds crazy-dog-lady-crazy to you, but I genuinely think she recognized it as similar to the one I had the night before and wanted me to have it.

What a friend!