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I designed these cards first as a Christmas gift for a dear friend using her initials, and she liked them so much she commissioned a matching set for her Grandmother. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to make these for them, and I love knowing they will be used for their correspondence.

Handmade letterpress stationery, printed using vintage blocks and type from WNYBAC’s collection.

(Note: The first photo makes it look as though the cards are cream colored, but it’s just the warm afternoon sun shining in. The cards were printed on pearl white Crane Lettra stock with a custom mixed ink.)


this one is most delicious.

Someday when we buy a house (I can’t wait!) I plan to create a full-sized studio, complete with outdoor space, bright walls, multiple workstations, and lots of windows. For now, a large teacher’s desk in our spare bedroom will have to do!

I had the most lovely Valentine’s Day.

My valentine had to work all day, but it gave me the chance to get into the spirit. I hung a paper heart garland, made a valentine for Rosie, and prepared a special dinner and dessert. I made gluten-free devil’s food cupcakes with pink vanilla icing and shredded coconut, and for Rosie a batch of yummy (to her) all-natural peanut butter dog treats.

I also received the best Valentine’s Day present ever – my first typeface! 12 & 18 pt Original Old Caslon, can’t wait to print with it.

Here’s a peek at our little Valentine’s Day:

Erin and I have officially begun collaborating as Olivewood Studios, and this weekend I found the most beautiful fabrics for our table at the upcoming Buffalo Small Press Book Fair.

I also got to work printing two sets of letterpress stationery cards, both of which were made using blocks sourced from WNYBAC‘s print shop collection.

I’m so excited to finally be getting to work, and I’ll be updating our progress as the Book Fair approaches!

It’s the middle of February, and all I can think about is summer.

The first few days of February have been filled with slow mornings, snow days, hot chai lattes, listening to records under soft wool blankets, and earnest efforts to consume as much vitamin C as possible to avoid falling victim to cold/flu season.

I’m ready for you, spring.