Yesterday I set out to make and can more jam to use what I have left of apples and pears from this season’s harvest. I also had some yummy plums from the farmer’s market, and I adapted this recipe from Cafe Del Manolo to make plum preserves with vanilla and bay. It makes a magical combination: at first the bay lends an unexpected rustic, herb-y flavor that quickly gives way to the bright, vibrant fruitiness of the plum. The vanilla enhances both flavors, bringing a rich toastiness to the whole jam. Seriously, pure magic.

Serendipitously, I also spotted Spanish olive oil tortas at the market yesterday, and while I can’t eat them because they are made with wheat flour, I picked them up for Stu to enjoy. They are flavored with olive oil and anise, with large beautiful sugar crystals baked on top. They smell heavenly. Turns out, they are a wonderful match with this jam. The anise and olive oil are a perfect compliment to the bright and hearty flavor of this jam, and according to Stu, it’s out of this world.